Molly  Barr , MD

Molly Barr , MD

Molly Barr, MD, completed her pediatric residency training at Washington University School of Medicine. Prior to residency, she graduated with a MD from Indiana University School of Medicine and a BS in Public Health from Saint Louis University. Barr's empathy for the children struggling with various diagnosis from constipation to complicated IBD presentations, finding the root of these problems and providing expertise to solve them is what drives her to continue in this field. In her spare time, Barr enjoys listening to podcasts, trying new cuisine and exploring all of the local parks St. Louis has to offer with her family.

Shelley  Choudhury, MD

Shelley Choudhury, MD

After graduating from Rhodes College with her BS, magna cum laude, Shelley Choudhury, MD, went on to earn her MD from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine. One of Choudhury's favorite aspects of the field is how frequently it interacts with other disciplines she enjoys learning about — immunology, rheumatology and hematology. Lately, she has found herself drawn to specific GI pathologies with overlap in hematology and oncology. Choudhury's passions extend out of the hospital and range from amateur watercolor painting, to traveling, to frequenting estate sales to get more ideas for home renovation projects.

Tess  Coker, MD

Tess Coker, MD

Tess Coker, MD, finished her undergraduate studies with dual degrees of BS in Biology and BA in Spanish from the University of Arkansas. After reaching these milestones, she continued her education with a MD from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Medicine. From experiencing the Teaching and Tomorrow Program at NASPGHAN to learning about the complex interplay between gastrointestinal and other organ systems, as well as nutrition and obesity, Coker developed a fascination with the complexity and appreciation for the breadth of gastroenterology. During her spare time, Coker sets a goal for herself to read 50 books per year, restores/refinishes antique and vintage furniture and is a proud dog mom who takes her dog everywhere she can.